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The Smart Virtual Call Center Solution!

The VoIP Contact Center virtual call center was built with your small to medium business in mind. Cost effective and agile, this intuitive web-based cloud system is integrated into the VoIP UCaaS platform your employees are already using. Improving the customer experience is the number one priority for most companies, adding a virtual call center checks that box.

What can a virtual call center do for your business?

Improve the customer’s experience with: 

  • Real-time analytics
  • Historical call reporting
  • Call routing by queue, day, time, and customer service representative (CSR) ability
  • Monitor, whisper, barge capabilities
  • Easily maneuvered admin panel for additions and changes


Automatic Call Distributor (ACD)
  • Accept more calls than the number of agents available to answer them.
  • Maximizes the number of sales or support opportunities you can handle.
  • Manage incoming calls and handle them based on the number called and an associated database of handling instructions.
  • Call centers use an Automatic Call Distributor (ACD) to distribute incoming calls to specific resources (agents) in the call center by holding queued calls in first in, first out order until agents become available.
Call Routing
Set up call routing based on time of day, weekends and holidays.
Call Queueing
  • With a live call queue dashboard, agents and supervisors can easily see a detailed view of all live calls and agent activity in the call queue.
Call Queue Customization
Call queues can be customized extensively, with multiple ring strategy options, business hours call routing, break out options, and many other features.

Call Queue Customization Screen

Call Coaching
While calls are in progress, supervisors can monitor conversations or coach (whisper to) the agent and even join the call to speed resolution and/or improve the outcome.

Call Coaching Screen

Call Monitor/Listen
  • A supervisor can silently monitor a two-party call made by or answered by an agent on a conversation with an external party.
  • No audible sound would alert the agent or the customer that the conversation is being monitored.
Call Whisper
  • A supervisor silently monitoring a call between an agent and a customer can privately speak to the agent, without the customer hearing the discussion.
  • This is one-directional audio from supervisor to agent.
  • The customer will not hear the whisper.
  • Both supervisor and agent can hear the customer.
Call Barge In

A supervisor who is silently monitoring a call may enter a conference bridge, joining what then becomes a full three-way conference call, where all three parties can hear each other.

Manager Notifications
Managers get updates by text or email when agents miss a call or log out.
Real-time Analytics
  • Supervisors can view real-time analytics and historical call statistics.
  • View metrics that show agent performance, such as: speed of answer, average call duration, hold times, abandoned call rate, agent misses, and timeout calls. 

Real Time Analytics

Call History
See historical call reports on specific time frames, with detailed call records including the phone call audio.

Call History Screen

Call Recording
  • 500 MB of storage included
  • Call recording enables businesses to record and store calls for later analysis.
  • Additional storage may purchased.

Our specialists are standing by to craft the perfect solution for your organization.

Our specialists are standing by to craft the perfect solution for your organization.

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