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911 Calls

Voip subscribers expect the same emergency communications support they receive with traditional wire line service. If you ever need to call 911 with your service, voip.com routes your 911 call to a Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP).

Enhanced 911

Voip employs Enhanced 911 service, also known as E911. In addition to routing your 911 call, E911 is also capable of transmitting the Customer's, name, phone number and the home address associated with your account to the PSAP (this information is provided by the Customer).

If the PSAP is capable of receiving this information, it will know your location upon receipt of a 911 call-however, not all PSAP's throughout the country are equipped to receive this information and if this is the case, the PSAP will not know the customer's name, address or location and the Customer must orally provide this information to the PSAP when making a 911 call. The Customer should call the non-emergency telephone number for the Customer's local emergency service provider and request information for means of testing a 911 call to that PSAP.

In addition, Voip phone technology is not as reliable for 911 calls as a traditional wired telephone and if the power goes out or your broadband connection is lost or any other number of things that can happen, you will not be able to make a 911 call on your Voip service. Therefore, Voip should be a supplement to your landline telephone service and Voip should not be relied upon as the primary or only means to make an emergency 911 call.

When you first sign up, you will provide the name, address and location that will be forwarded to the PSAP (if they are capable of receiving it). Voip does not verify the accuracy of any information provided by the Customer, it is up to the Customer at all times to verify that the Registered Location information is accurate and up-to-date, especially each time the Customer has moved. Voip also does not verify that the Voip service is working or that the E911 service is working or that the correct PSAP has been selected. VOIP.com does not determine the applicable PSAP. To find out if 911 is activated and working properly, simply dial 933 from your Voip phone.

The above is a generalized discussion of voip.com's 911 Terms of Service — Click Here to read more.

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