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Testing E911 and Verifying Your Emergency Information.

Access to 911 should never be taken for granted. Voip's natural flexibility means that your telephone number is associated with a voip internet phone adapter, not the physical location of your house. Because of this, voip subscribers need to make sure their 911 information is up to date and accurate.

Fortunately, updating and verifying your emergency information is easy and takes only a few minutes. Log into your VOIP.com account management page and click Account. At the bottom of the page you'll find the 911 address information associated with your voip phone number. If it needs to be changed, click the blue Change link and make your corrections. Choose Save Changes when you're done, and wait a minimum of several hours to let the changes propagate through the system.

You may test your 911 information by dialing 911 on your voip phone. Make sure you tell the emergency operator right away that you're not having an emergency and are only testing your voip 911 service to ensure it's working correctly. If you've updated your information, waited the appropriate amount of time and discover your data is still not right, go to your account page and open a support ticket. Be aware that not all Public Safety Answering Points (PSAP) are able to accept enhanced 911 information (E911). If this is the case for your PSAP, only some of your information will be passed along to the emergency operator. You may have to tell the operator your location or call back number.

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