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VOIP.com is proud to launch one of the best Affiliate rewards programs out there!

The VOIP.com Business Affiliate Rewards Program rewards enrolled referrers for submitting business referrals that become new customers of VOIP.com.

The program is as easy as 1,2,3!

  1. Enroll in the program and submit your referrals.
  2. We make the sale.
  3. The payment will be issued within 90 days of service activation.

With VOIP.com Affiliate Rewards you can earn generous rewards on these services:

  • Cloud PBX
    • Standard & Premium 1 yr - $50 for each extension
    • Standard & Premium 2 yr - $75 for each extension
  • SIP Trunking - One month's monthly recurring service charge
    (e.g. if the VOIP.com monthly fee is $200/month, you get a one-time fee of $200)

To Participate by Phone:

To Participate Online:

Please enter the information below to have one of our business specialists contact you:

  • Your Name:  

  • Your Number:  

  • Your E-mail:

  • Their Name:  

  • Their Email:

  • Their Phone Number:

  • Their Job Title (optional):

  • Their Company Name:

  • VOIP.com Representative (optional):

  • Interested In:

Once you have provided the VOIP.com Affiliate Program Terms and Conditions and an IRS Form W-9 to your Business Specialist, you can shareyour business contact(s) with the Specialist. They will do the rest. They will schedule a consultative sales call in order to understand the business needs, tell the referral about VOIP.com, and if it’s a good fit, suggest the best service(s) for their business.

Payment for business referrals are made by issuing a check payable to the referrer. Payment will be forfeited if the referrer’s W-9 and signed Terms and Conditions are not provided to VOIP.com within 90 days of the order date of referral. Payment will not occur until the referred customer has activated service and has paid their bill for the first two billing periods. The referred customer must be in good standing for 60 days at the time payment is issued.

The following VOIP.com service plans qualify for a referral reward of $50* per plan:

  • Standard Support 1 Year
  • Premium Onsite Support 1 Year (only available in the Los Angeles Market).

The following VOIP.com service plans qualify for a referral reward of $75* per plan:

  • Standard Support 2 Year
  • Premium Onsite Support 2 Year (only available in the Los Angeles Market).

VOIP.com Sip Trunking services qualify for a one-time referral reward equal to 100% of the monthly recurring charges paid by the referee (this excludes any usage fees). For example, if the VOIP.com monthly recurring service charges for Sip Trunking are $200 per month, the reward is a one-time payment of $200.

If you have any questions, please email [email protected]

* In the event that the final pricing offered to the Referee is lower than the pricing listed on the VOIP.com website, VOIP.com reserves the right to reduce the referral reward.