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10 Don't Miss Voip Podcasts

By Ferenc Veres, Staff Writer voip.com

Published:December 14, 2006

Want to keep your finger on the pulse of the voip Internet phone industry but don't quite know where to find it? You could take a page from your childhood and wander the non-fiction section of your local public library, hoping to find that one perfect book--however technology evolves at such a fast rate that traditional publishing models have a difficult time keeping up. And let's face it, library budgets are not what they used to be.

Distributing hyperlinked information over the Internet is a fast and flexible alternative to ink and paper publishing. Individuals and organizations can get their message out with relatively little in the way of out-of-pocket expenses. The online publication cycle is substantially shorter than for print, with projects being completed in a matter of minutes to hours, instead of months to years. Ease of distribution, coupled with the fast turnover and consumer friendly software, has created a multi-billion-page repository of web pages and blogs that have information about virtually everything.

It's a good news-bad news situation; you're likely to turn up the most current news and developments for whatever topic you can imagine, but the sheer volume of information can be completely overwhelming. Podcasts, essentially an audible version of a blog post, are a great way to bypass those endless pages of Google search results - it's your ear to what people are talking about in the blogosphere.

Initially a sort of underground "radio" broadcasting mechanism, podcasts have expanded to include regular talk show formats, interviews and lectures. Podcasters create a multimedia feed that people can subscribe to, exactly the same way they'd sign up to receive the RSS feed from a text-based blog.

Take a moment to check out these must-hear voip podcasts, representing some of today's best and brightest minds in the field of broadband telephony:

  1. Blue Box: the VoIP Security Podcast - The premier non-profit voip security thinktank,VOIPSA (Voip Security Alliance), puts out frequent security podcasts aimed at creating an informed, well prepared consumer base.
  2. Bob Emmerson - Experienced industry observer, Emmerson is also editor to VON Magazine's European edition and gives listeners an insider's look at the people who make voip and IP media possible.
  3. Carl Ford - Twenty year veteran of the telecommunication industry, Carl Ford has a string of accomplishments that's probably longer than he is tall. Currently, you can find him engineering pulvermedia's community development efforts.
  4. Gtone Podcast - Where telephony isn’t a network, it's just another application…albeit a very powerful, world changing application.
  5. Jon Arnold - Yet another IP communication pundit with decades of experience under his belt. Arnold brings Canada into the mix,
  6. Om Malik - periodic podcasts from the always-interesting GigaOM. Om's in-the-trenches POV, coupled with an apparent gift for tech-to-English translation, makes for particularly readable blog posts and an engaging podcast.
  7. Realtime Unified Communications Community Chat - Using the entire suite of IP communication tools and mashups, Realtime delivers a comprehensive assessment of the issues surrounding voip implementation in today's environment.
  8. SkypePodcast - From the two ton giant everyone's trying to get in front of, Skype runs a number of voip related blogs written by their employees.
  9. TelephonyPodcasts - Telephony magazine, one of the leading industry publications, is geared toward voip service providers and offers up-to-the-minute coverage of the latest developments in IP telephony.
  10. talkingtech - Canadian Mark Evans is one of the top 50 most influential people in voip, so when he has something to say, you'd better pay attention!