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Will voip cause problems with Internet browsing?

Voip uses your broadband connection, but unlike a traditional phone call, it won’t use up all of the line. Read More »

What is the maximum amount of jitter I should have for good call quality?

Jitter buffers can make up for some irregularity, but you’ll have problems if your jitter exceeds 50 ms. Read More »

Make sure that cordless phones don’t interfere with your wireless home network.

Cordless phones work on the same frequencies as home wireless networks, which can cause performance busting interference for voip, web browsing, and online gaming. Read More »

Updating your router’s firmware

Periodically, you may need to update your router’s firmware to take advantage of performance boosts or fix undesirable hangs and slowdowns. Read More »

Turn your laptop into a wireless bridge.

Use your laptop’s Ethernet and WiFi cards to make it function as a wireless bridge. Read More »

Connect your voip adapter to a wireless network.

Wireless bridges are the answer for voip users who want to use their “regular” phones with a voip adapter but don’t have access to the broadband modem that supplies their WiFi signal. Read More »

Use voip with your TiVo.

Even though voip isn’t officially supported by TiVo, you can successfully use TiVo with a voip phone. Read More »

Cut the Cord; Go Wireless with Voip

You don't have to rewire your house to have a voip phone in every room. Read More »