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Should I be worried about the government bugging my voip?

CALEA requirements apply to voip as well. This means that the government could conceivably gain access to your conversations. Read More »

Turn your firewall on.

Without a firewall, you could be vulnerable to attacks. Read More »

If you use voip on your computer, make sure your OS is up to date.

Your computer is often on the front line when it comes to network security. Keep your operating system (OS) up to date. Read More »

Change the default user name and password for your voip equipment.

Did you know that most voip phones, routers, broadband modems, voip phone adapters, and other hardware are shipped from the manufacturer with default user names and passwords? Read More »

Keep your equipment patched for better security.

Hackers are always looking for a way in--make sure they don’t find their way into your network. Equipment manufacturers regularly put out security patches that fix previously unknown vulnerabilities. Read More »

Protect Yourself from Vishers

There's a new kind of scam on the internet called vishing. Instead of receiving suspicious emails, targets get a friendly phone call from their bank or credit card company, asking them to please confirm their account numbers and passwords. Read More »